08 MAY, 17
HTTP Status Codes By Spear Fox

Did you just see a page with numbers that isn't the right one you requested for, when surfing ? Are you thinking for a reason why did this just happen to me ? Wondering what you could do for such a situation ? Is there really a problem with your system ?
Just skim through this blog's to get more information.

23 APR, 17
Why 1TB = 931GB ? By Spear Fox

Have you ever wondered why a hard disk of 1 TB capacity shows only 931 GB in your system? Why it is that the manufacturer calls it to be 1 TB hard disk despite it showing 931 GB? Are they cheating you with false storage size? Are they stealing your storage space?
Well, continue reading this blog to know more about it.

18 SEP, 16
Google - Search secrets you must know By Spear Fox

Using Google to search anything in the world wide web is quite amazing, have you ever wondered how to trick Google to search according to your set of search criteria. Google's search options is more than just keywords. Read this blog to know more about the search secrets (or) searching techniques I would rather call it to be.

20 AUG, 16
Spear Fox - Leading with Smartness By Spear Fox

Giving a thought to start the business, it begins with the name - the name that exhibits our motto, the name that fits into our mission, the name that would best suit our goals, the name that would demonstrate our vision, the name that reveals our cause, the value it would create, the difference it would make in the business, the leading brand it would become.